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All Americans love their four-legged friends, but urine odor is one of the few drawbacks of owning a pet. Home remedies and commercially available products are often ineffective or, at best, work only temporarily. Stains tend to reappear, and pungent aromas have a way of lingering in carpet.

The secret to a clean, pet-friendly home that is also free of urine odor is the regular and permanent removal of offensive smells by attacking them at the source. The WOW Odor Control Technicians is, are  the best option for the job.

Our Certified technicians possess the tools and know-how necessary to put a stop to obnoxious smells and unsanitary pet deposits once and for all. Using specialized equipment, certified technicians can detect and remove hidden bacteria and protein molecules that penetrated deeply into the floor and padding. This process effectively eliminates the root of the problem.


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